The JobCoin Economy

Posted by Lee Lorenzen on

Imagine a day when any person on the planet can invest in anyone else using a currency that can be purchased at a steeply discounted rate for early adopters.

If you don't want to buy your JobCoins, you can still earn your first 1,000 JobCoin Note by following these three steps:

1. Join the JobCoin group

2. Install the Open Library app on your phone

3. Take a screenshot of the one of the 47,000 books available for FREE

4. Post the screenshot to your timeline along with a nice comment about the app

5. Post a message to the JobCoin group asking for your 1,000 JobCoin Note

After you do so, we'll user your Facebook Profile picture on the Note, post it in The JobCoin Master Ledger album for all the world to see.

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