ShopO JobCoins

JobCoins™ are earned for performing actions in response to:

1. Community Offers
2. Cause-related Offers
3. Commerce Offers

Both Circle Leaders and Circle Members are eligible to earn JobCoins.

Here is how these ShopO Offers provide JobCoins as rewards:


With the ShopO suite of applications, each JobCoin is worth a certain amount in relationship to a US Dollar.  

The current purchasing power of JobCoins in the ShopO_Mall are around 1 USD per 100 JobCoins.  However, as a reward for the early adopters of ShopO, we are selling JobCoins at a 50% discount.

For example, the current exchange rate is as follows:

$0.10 USD == 10 JobCoins
$1.00 USD == 100 JobCoins
$10.00 USD == 1,000 JobCoins
$100.00 USD == 10,000 JobCoins
$1,000.00 USD == 100,000 JobCoins

JobCoins currently come in the form of 1,000 JobCoin Notes that can show the picture of the original owner of the 1,000 JobCoin Note or the picture of a person that this owner wishes to honor. If neither choice is made then the person featured on the currency will be a famous or deserving entrepreneur from the same country as the original owner of the 1,000 JobCoin Note.

For example, here is a Note that features the American Entrepreneur Oprah Winfrey and tells a bit of her story:

And here is a Note that features the Ugandan Entrepreneur Elizabeth ______ who was the first woman in the world to receive a loan from what would become

And here is a Note that is available in the JobCoin Mall for anyone who wishes to honor someone by memorializing the on the 1,000 JobCoin Note and tell a bit of the honoree's story. 

The JobCoin currency itself is the first in the world to keep track of the entire "chain of custody" from the original owner (see the date and name under the bottom left serial number) to the current owner (see the date and name under the top right serial number). 

At any point in time, the serial number of the JobCoin Note can be entered into the site and a list of transactions from its purchase by the original owner, through any purchases that were made with the Note, up to and including the transaction that placed the Note in the current owner's hand.

Although at any point in time the Note can be printed out as a souvenir, the actual open ledger of all JobCoins in circulation and all of their chains of custody is the actual legal definition of who originally and currently owns a Note.

The reason that we keep track of the original owner is that these are the folks who believed in the JobCoin currency and supported ShopO from our earliest day.  Unlike the unhelpful but entitled friends of the Little Red Hen, these JobCoin enthusiasts are helping us to "plant to wheat" and so, our hope is that if the shareholders of ShopO ultimately "make some bread" then we can find a way to share a bit of it with the list of original owners (and current owners) of the first one million 1,000 JobCoin Notes that are earned, purchased or received in transfer from a friend.

While we can't guarantee anything because JobCoins are neither a real life currency nor a security, we do hope that you will play the ShopO game along with us and begin collecting JobCoins.  As you do, we will use a leader board to keep track of those who have invested or gifted their JobCoins to others. In essence, the behavior that we want to encourage and celebrate is the act of investing in the lives of others because we believe that investments in people are the only ones that pay eternal dividends.