Invest in Countries

Our goal is to launch ShopO in all 220+ countries of the world. This will take an average of $100,000 in funding for each country or $22 million in total.  To raise these funds, we are asking the Friends of ShopO to invest in these countries as part of playing the ShopOnopoly™ Game. Together, we can give millions of women the chance to own their own e-commerce businesses and provide billions with access to the world's best products.

Each of the 220 countries in the world is represented by a Country Deed in the ShopOnopoly collection game and these Country Deeds can be purchased for US Dollars.  Each of the countries is available at different prices based on the potential sales at ShopO that the Personal Shoppers in each country are likely to make. The prices for each country are currently discounted 90%.

Which country will you invest in today?

Who will be the first to collect them all?

What will you do when the limited supply of certain countries runs out?

All the money raised from the purchase of these ShopO Country Deeds will go to fund the launch of ShopO in the selected countries. For example, when the amount raised for a given country first reaches $10,000, we will begin the launch ShopO in that country.  Additional funds for that country will go to support the launch of other under-funded countries.