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After finishing Jessica Jackley 's Clay Water Brick: Finding Inspiration from Entrepreneurs Who Do the Most with the Least book, I was reminded about how the twists and turns of our lives often don't make sense while we are living them.

The best reminder of this is the back of a tapestry that I discovered when re-framing a certain child's artwork from sixth grade in Vacation Bible School. When I looked at the back of the needle work, it was a confusing mess of unintelligible threads and parts of letters and pictures that made no sense.

I realized then that it is very hard to make any sense of what the designer of this little piece of artwork had in mind when all I could see was the back of the tapestry.

It was only when I turned it over that I got the full creator's view of what all these apparently loose ends and missing gaps were really supposed to be.

I think that was one of Jessica Jackley's main points.

We have to live our lives looking at the back of not only our own but everyone else's Life Tapestries and it is only when we get a God's eye view in Heaven that we will know just how valuable our connections with other people's stories might be and how what looks like chaos to us is in fact part of a beautiful creation