ShopO CEOs

Who will you invest in today?

If you'd like to help, please go to the ShopO Mall menu tab and find a country you care about and a person who may be the next "Oprah" or "Mandela" or "Malala."

You can invest in US Dollars or in JobCoins which can be earned by reviewing the ShopO Offers menu tab or downloading some of the Apps that are being promoted on the JobCoin page, such as:

  1. ShopO Mall™ -- a place to invest your JobCoins in people around the world
  2. ShopO Address™ -- an app offering a FREE US address to anyone of the 4.5 billion non-US residents who want to build a "second life" in America
  3. ShopO Circles™ -- a cross-border shopping service powered by women for their friends who want access to US products, group discounts and low cost international shipping
  4. ShopO Academy™ -- an online training site for ShopO Circle Leaders and others
  5. ShopO Leaders™ -- a source of job openings which offer JobCoins as salary
  6. Worldreader™ -- a FREE e-reader with 47,000 books in 43 languages
  7. ShopO-Nopoly™ -- a fun way to earn more JobCoins

Below are some of the folks on, and ShopO that you have the opportunity to support via your gifts of US Dollars or JobCoins.