Invest In Women

Join us today at by investing $1,000 to empower women entrepreneurs around the world because we believe that investments in people pay everlasting dividends.

For each $1,000 invested, we will help a deserving woman somewhere in the world become an entrepreneur and the owner/operator of her "personal shopper" business.

The $1,000 will be provided to her as a startup loan that she will pay back from the profits she earns helping 100 to 300 of her friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, etc. buy products from the US and have them cost-effectively shipped to her ShopO Circle.

When she sells the products to the ShopO Circle Members they will pay a total of $1,200 and from these funds, she will use:

a.  $100 as her profit from that order cycle,
b.  $100 as's profit from that order cycle and
c,  $1,000 to reload her US Credit card for the next order cycle.

After completing this cycle 10 times, she will have paid off her $1,000 loan and will be able to keep $200 as her profit from each subsequent order.