ShopO Offers

ShopO is asking you and millions of others to help us create the world's first Global Influence Graph (GIG). In order to make that request compelling, we have to provide a suite of services that people will find either entertaining or rewarding or ideally, both. 

Our method of meeting this challenge is to combine shopping services with an online game based on the collection of various items. The most important of these items and the currency for purchasing the other items in the game are JobCoins.

JobCoins™ are earned for performing actions in response to:

1. Community Offers
2. Cause-related Offers
3. Commerce Offers

Both Circle Leaders and Circle Members are eligible to earn JobCoins.

Here is how these ShopO Offers provide JobCoins as rewards:

With the ShopO suite of applications, each JobCoin is worth a certain amount in relationship to a US dollar.  

The current purchasing power of JobCoins in the ShopO_Mall are around 1 USD per 100 JobCoins. However, as a reward for the early adopters of ShopO, we are selling JobCoins at a 50% discount.


Here are some examples of the types of offers that we will make available:

Community Offers


Cause-related Offers


Commerce Offers



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