About Us

ShopO provides a global, chat-based, one-cart buying experience in which our trusted personal shoppers earn a living for themselves, save time and money for their clients and share the fun of discovering, ordering, and receiving products from any merchant in the world.

ShopO's Influence Graph combines the delivery connections of UPS, the trust connections of Western Union and the friend connections of Facebook

We are Contributing 50% of ShopO's Profits to Supporting Global Literacy in English and Empowering Women Entrepreneurs

Join us today because the investments we make in people will pay everlasting dividends!

Take a look at a "Day in the Life" of a ShopO Circle Leader and the Members she serves:

The Minimum Viable Product (MVP) of ShopO was launched in 2018 in Ukraine. We chose Ukraine in part because of its reputation of having hardworking women who enjoy shopping, are trustworthy and have an entrepreneurial approach to life.  Here is a picture of some of our original 41 Personal Shoppers and the ShopO UA team that trained them.

ShopO LLC is wholly owed by WorldShop LLC which was founded by The Lee and Julie Lorenzen Family and is backed by UPS and a variety of other investors.

Some may ask, why is ShopO focused on South Dakota?  Some of the reasons are business-related and some are personal. The business reasons include:

1.  Startup culture is inherent in the South Dakota (e.g., ranches, farms, shops, restaurants, gas stations, etc.)

2.  State legislature and Governor are pro-business and are willing to move quickly to enact legislation to stop the brain-drain from South Dakota and open new ways for South Dakota to reach and teach the world through startups.

3.  Governor is a proven, tested and conservative woman who has successfully run a ranch, a business, a family, a congressional district and now a state.

4.  The State's iconic Mount Rushmore is a testament to founding, preserving and protecting leaders of the ultimate startup:  America.

5.  The State has the available land, necessary resources and appropriate values to show America and the world what happens when "under god the people rule" their own destinies.

The personal reasons are that my wife's family is from South Dakota.  In fact, she is the one in the Lorenzen Family:

  1. whose relative helped carve Lincoln’s face on Mt. Rushmore
  2. whose grandmother from Hill City had 15 kids and outlived three husbands 
  3. whose mom started working as a car hop at the A&W Root Beer stand in Rapid City, SD at the age of 15
  4. whose dad and mom  met while her dad was stationed at Ellsworth, AFB in 1957
  5. who has 128 living cousins spread around South Dakota (see photo below)
  6. who honeymooned in SD while attending a family reunion on July 4, 1981
  7. who insisted that her new husband drive to 999 miles from Dallas, TX to Wall, SD