Rock Candy World

Rock Candy World: ShopO Edition is an online game for funding and tracking the growth of the ShopO Influence Graph.

It combines elements of the classic landlord charging rents on properties that can be higher if the landlord has a monopoly of all the properties in a given area with the friendly competition that is simulated in typical games of world-domination where players receive an initial allocation of country-cards and then take the risk of battling the other players for ownership of their cards.  


What makes the Rock Candy World exciting is that the act of playing the game is actually benefiting the real world.

Like a Fantasy Sports game, Rock Candy World allows the players to:

  1. Recruit the ShopO Countries that they want to have on their team by purchasing up to 10 ShopO Country Deeds to build their team
  2. Receive 2 bonus Country Deeds in a random drawing
  3. Buy, Sell or Trade Country Deeds with other players until the official start of the game
  4. Watch, Encourage and Attempt to Influence the growth, activity, vitality and e-commerce performance of the Country Deeds in their possession
  5. Track the progress of their team each week in comparison with the other members of their ShopO League
  6. See who wins at the end of the week
  7. Win a prize if their team comes in 1st, 2nd or 3rd on the that week's Leader board

If you'd like to form a ShopO League or play in the open league against all comers, please e-mail