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Claim your FREE ShopO US address and start buying US products today.

All you need is a cellphone # and you can claim your personalized US address that you can then use to access any US merchant's full catalog of products. 

The Problem

Imagine if Betty in Boston and Bethina in Bangalore each wanted to buy products from Amazon, Ebay and Sears.

If you're Betty in Boston, then US merchants are happy to fully support your buying any of their products with your BankAmerica Card.  

However, if you're Bethina in Bangalore, then even if you have an approved payment method, US merchants often don't have the systems in place to even accept your India-based address in their online form and/or to ship the product internationally.

As you can see in the graphic above, a gulf exists between Bethina and US merchants.

The Solution

ShopO Address solves this cross-border order placement and shipping problem by giving Bethina a US address in Sarasota, FL where her Post Office Box # is made up of her country # and her cellphone # because that is unique among 4.5 billion phone people and is easy for her to remember.

While a different solution would be to get ever US merchants to ship to every country, that would take a very long time and invariably there would be consumers in some country who would be blocked from ordering from one of the "long tail" of merchants that exist in the US.

How It Works

All Bethina has to do now when she checks out at a US merchant's site is to fill in her shipping address using the US address that ShopO created for her. The merchants' back end systems will treat this shipment like any other inside the US and send it to the trans-shipment hub in Florida.

When the packages arrive at the trans-shipment hub, they will be consolidated with other packages that Bethina has ordered in that same time period (if any) and then sent from Florida to the closest city to Bethina for delivery by local couriers. 

 Here are the 4 Steps

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1. Get a ShopO Address.

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Shopping, Gifts, Bags

2. Start shopping USA stores.

Shop top brands and deals at USA retailers, then ship to your ShopO Address at checkout.

How to ship

3. Tell us how you want to ship & save.

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Worldwide Delivery

4. Get your goods fast and worry-free.

Your purchases are delivered in just 2 to 4 days, and ShopO is there to help every step of the way!