ShopO Circles

Join a ShopO Circle to gain access to great deals from US merchants and lower cost international shipping.
You can start out as a Circle Member and just use the Circle Leader's services as a personal shopper or you can become a Circle Leader and earn money helping others to get the products they want at the best possible prices.
Here is a video showing a "Day in the Life" of a ShopO Circle Leader:
Here is the home page of the ShopO Circles desktop app:

The Problem

The current level of international B2C sales volume is only a tiny fraction of what it could be because so many hurdles exist between US Merchants and the 1+ billion non-US consumers who would like to purchase their products.

The Solution

Give 1+ billion non-US residents their own US addresses and organize them as members of 10+ million shopping circles managed by ShopO™ Circle Leaders (aka ShopO-wners) who will become their personal shoppers for any US products they wish to buy.

User Experience: ShopO Circles Mobile App for Circle Members

From the ShopO Circle Member App, we see a Circle Member chatting with her Circle Leader about a purchase of boots, reviewing a particular Offer provided by her Circle Leader and then checking on the status of a prior order for a coat.

User Experience: ShopO Circles Mobile App for Circle Leaders

From the ShopO Circle Leader App, we see a part of the Circle Leader’s list of Circle Members, her Profile Information for ordering with her ShopO-provided US shipping address and a portion of the orders that she has made for her Members.

User Experience: ShopO Circles Mobile App Offers

Here we see Community-, Cause- and Commerce-related offers that each Circle Leader and/or Member can review and decide to act on or not. In most cases, positive clicks on these offers are rewarded with JobCoins™ – our in-app currency for influencing behavior and tracking actions.

Why ShopO Circles Will Win

Our 3 Big Ideas are helping us to attract the 3 Big Partners that we need to be successful now and in the future because these Big Partners will understand how their businesses will benefit if ShopO is successful.

ShopO's 3 Big Ideas

1.Give 1+ billion non-US users their own:

a.US-based shipping address – the first step towards being the CEO of a micro-LLC

b.US-accepted payment method – so every merchant will trust the purchase process

c.US-savvy personal shopper – who lives near them and speaks their language

2.Grow shopping circles virally by offering the best buying experience:

a.Consolidated packaging and lower cost shipping via trans-shipment hubs

b.Extra earned income and free shipping offers for Circle Leaders (CLs)

c.Group-buying rewards and quantity discounts for Circle Member (CMs)

3.Gamify support for global causes using the ShopO Influence Graph

a.Help to distribute their mobile app library holding 37,000 books

b.Help to dramatically increase the number of women-owned businesses

c.Help NGOs deliver on multiple UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Moving from Self-Service to Full-Service 

Our ShopO Address service allows anyone with a cellphone # to get a FREE US address for use in purchasing and trans-shipping products from US merchants. While this is a great service, it is still largely, "self-service." So, if you don't happen to be great at comprehending the subtle English used in product descriptions, searching for products on US sites or paying remotely with a US-approved credit card, then a 100% "self-service" approach won't work for you.

To deal with the limitations of ShopO Address, we created ShopO Circles.

ShopO Circles

ShopO Circles is the next step in improving this process by allowing women to earn money as Circle Leaders who recruit and shop for Circle Members who are typically friends, neighbors and co-workers.

After starting with a Circle in one location, there are now ShopO Circles popping up all over the world because almost every country/city/neighborhood has folks who want easier access to products available in the US and entrepreneurial women (and men) who would like to earn money working as personal shoppers on a part- or full-time basis


When will ShopO Circles come to my City?
UPS invested in and allied with ShopO in order to increase their number of cross-border shipments. Achieving this goal requires linking the Facebook Social Graph and the UPS Logistics Graph to invent the ShopO Influence Graph™, (which connects Merchant Offers to ShopO Circle Leaders and Members), and thereby facilitating US product purchases by non-US buyers. 
The UPS investment and your help will allow us to continue to grow the number of ShopO Circles. If you'd like to become a Circle Leader for your locale, install the app and follow the directions about applying to the ShopO Academy.