CEO Oprah_____

CEO Oprah_____

  • $25.00


Oprah would appreciate an investment of $1,000 to launch her ShopO Circle business.

The funds will be used to purchase US-merchants' inventory for sale to the 100+ members of her ShopO Circle.

Each week she expects to sell this inventory for $1,200.  She will keep $100 as her profit and return $1,100 to ShopO so that her person credit card can be reloaded for the next week's orders.

If she does this for 20 weeks, she will have a personal profit of $2,000. Her plan is to:

  1. pay you $1,000 as the return on the principal originally $1,000 borrowed
  2. pay ShopO $1,000 to fund the loading of the credit card

In subsequent weeks, she will be able to make and keep $200 per week instead of $100 on each ordering cycle because she will be paying only $1,000 to reload the card.