Jessica Jackley: Lives change when we tell our stories and believe in each other

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ShopO was inspired by Jessica Jackley and her founding of’s micro-lending services to believe we can create 10+ million micro-LLCs. Jessica has done what we aspire to do and we’d love to have her as ShopO CEO.

In this TED talk, she reminds us to believe in each other as we use entrepreneurship to change the world.

Our founder attended a course on Social Media, Youth Movements and Dynamic Markets that she and her husband, Reza Aslan, taught at the Monterey Institute of International Studies in 2012.

During the class, the following video on Kiva's growth was shown:

Our founder asked Jessica why it was that the borrowers seemed to be clustered in small locales and not spread all over the globe. Her answer was that it was actually harder to find qualified borrowers than it was to find willing lenders because of the lack of Micro-Finance Institutions (MFIs) to confirm the trustworthiness of each entrepreneur.  

To fix this problem, ShopO is partnering with Western Union and others to find "feet-on-the-street" in 500,000 locales around the world and using Facebook profile data to crowd-source the vetting process.  In addition, ShopO gives 15 million women entrepreneurs who may not have their own business idea, a pre-funded, micro-import business and the title of CEO and Shop Owner.

Years later, create a marketing campaign called "Be the spark that changes the world" and revisited the visualization of the "love" being shared and the friendships being formed and the impact being delivered through the millions of tiny investments in the lives and businesses of others.


Jessica life pattern of extending herself for the purpose of nurturing others in their spiritual growth inspires us and we thank her for that.