The ShopO Way Sculpture -- Wooden Möbius Strip

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ShopO’s mission is to invest in people.
Our motto is:

We believe that everyone on the planet is worth investing in
because investments in people pay everlasting dividends.
Who will you invest in today?

So, we hope that you ask yourself that question each day and on some days we hope your answer is that:
  1. You invested in yourself – for example, adding to your brain power by working hard to learn a new concept or developing your muscle power by exercising or engaging in sports
  2. You invested in others near you – for example, teaching someone to ride a bike or reading to a child
  3. You invested in others around the world – for example, donating to or posting useful information in a Facebook group in answer to some person’s question

The goal of this page is that you decide to invest in us and our customers. If you do so, then we will invest in you in ways that we believe you will find more valuable than your direct compensation.

At its most basic level, a job at ShopO represents an exchange of our money for your time. However, we strongly believe that you should only choose to work at a place that compensates you with more than a salary, health benefits, profit sharing and stock options. Life is too short to spend it supporting a vision that doesn't inspire you or a way of operating that is incompatible with your core beliefs.

The ShopO Way
  1. To invest in people and businesses around the world
  2. To amaze the world with the incredible value offered by the products and services of our Shop Owners
  3. To develop a team of employees that builds each other up, works hard in a family friendly environment and has fun getting the job done.
  4. To achieve profits sufficient to reward our ShopO Owners, employees and shareholders beyond their expectations.
  5. To manage the business with humility, integrity and grace.
So, What's Next For You

Great employees have tons of choices about where and for whom they can work. We are a start-up and can't offer you in salary what more established companies will be able to pay you. However, if our company culture appeals to you and you'd like to join a team that values the entrepreneurial approach to business, let us know. 

To commemorate your involvement in WorldShop, I recommend this cool wooden sculpture of a Möbius strip. (NOTE: the one pictured in the bottom right of the photo is the one for sale for $250 and it along with the other shapes are the work of mathematician and artist Larry Frazier).

These types of Möbius strips are usually made by taking a narrow piece of paper, giving it a half-twist and then joining the ends of the strip together to form a loop. Once you’ve done this, you’ve created an object that has only one side. You can prove this by picking a starting point on the surface and then running your finger around the length of the strip. You will visit every “side” of the strip before returning to your starting point.

In my role as CEO and your role as a stakeholder in the company, there may come a time when we seem to be on two different sides of an issue. If that ever happens, I hope this Möbius strip will remind us that a simple twist in our perspectives and a bit of movement in our positions might be all that is needed to resolve the matter and bring us together on the same side of the issue.

The bottom line is I really appreciate you and your support of WorldShop. When WorldShop ultimately succeeds in turning our currently half-baked vision for global e-commerce into a warm and tasty reality for millions of consumers, it will be especially sweet to share the bread with those like you who arrived early in the process to help us plant the wheat.

P.S. The 1936 Mercedes-Benz 540K Special Roadster is not for sale -- at least, not by me.